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January 2021
I’ve been meaning to post this for awhile but I haven’t had the right words to express just how grateful we are. If you’re looking to sell or buy a home, I highly, highly recommend
Mercedes Smith Green at Front Gate Realty. When we first started looking for a home we started out with someone different because we googled realtors and called one of the first to pop up. After viewing 2 houses the first day, the realtor convinced us to put an offer in on a house that we didn’t love and was $10,000 out of our budget.  THANK GOD they didn’t accept.  We viewed a few more with her and she tried again to pressure us into a house we didn’t feel was right.  That night we decided we needed to look for someone different.  So, I started looking up different realtors in the area and looking at reviews and a few other things and landed on Mercedes’ page. We reached out to her and from the very first conversation with her down to the day we signed on our home, we knew she cared.  It wasn’t about getting a signing bonus (if that’s even a thing?) or getting her stats up.  She went with me to every house I looked at and even the ones I wanted to go back and look at, she listened to me and my wants and concerns, and most of all she was patient with us through the entire process. She was extremely flexible with Blake’s work schedule, she never pressured us, and she NEVER made us feel dumb for passing on a house we didn’t feel was our home.  Once we did find our home and signed on it, Mercedes was still there for us. She sent us a card that was handwritten to congratulate us, for Halloween she dropped off a pumpkin and carving tools for the kids, she’s sent several cards, and dropped off a few things for Christmas. She has constantly put effort into showing us she truly cares. And on top of everything, when we argued with the home warranty company she was there to listen to me complain and whine about it.  I waited almost 2 months to call her about it but when I did, she reached out to her contacts there, she advocated for us. I’m pretty certain if we didn’t have her help, we probably still wouldn’t have a refrigerator.
There honestly aren’t enough words to describe how grateful we truly are to have picked such an amazing realtor. She has become apart of our family because it was never just about buying some house, she helped us buy our home.  ❤️ if you’re looking to sale or buy reach out to her. I guarantee you won’t regret it.
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